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Structural Behavior of Composite Reinforced Ferrocement Plates

Yousry B. I. Shaheen, Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Saa'fan, Abdalla El-Mohamady


The results of an experimental investigation to examine the structural behavior of composite reinforced ferrocement concrete plates are presented in this paper. The precast permanent ferrocement forms are proposed as a viable alternative to the steel panels in some of its uses. The experimental program comprised casting and testing of eighteen reinforced ferrocement plates having the dimensions of 550mm width, 1100mm length and different thicknesses (60, 80,100) mm. Each control plate was reinforced with four steel bars of 6mm diameter at the bottom of the plate and six steel bars of 6mm diameter at the transverse direction. Two types of steel mesh were used to reinforce the ferrocement plates. These types are: galvanized welded wire mesh of size of opening 12.5x12.5mm, and (33 X 16.5mm) expanded metal wire mesh of diamond size 33x16.5mm. Single layer, double layers and three layers of each type of the steel mesh were employed. All specimens were tested under 3-lines flexural loadings. The flexural performances of the all tested plates in terms of strength, stiffness, cracking behavior, ductility and energy absorption properties were investigated. The results showed that high serviceability and ultimate loads, crack resistance control, and good energy absorption properties could be achieved by using the developed ferrocement plates. 


ferrocement strength; cracking; deformation characteristics; energy Absorption; ductility

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