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AE-SiGMA Analysis in Brazilian Test of Concrete

M. Mondoringin, S. Nozaki, M. Ohtsu


The moment tensor analysis of AE waveforms has been developed and is now available for identifying crack kinematics of a location, a crack-type and a crack orientation in a material.   The procedure has been implemented as the SiGMA analysis.  Mechanisms of cracking can be visually and quantitatively studied at the meso-scale in concrete. Since the tensile strength of concrete is normally evaluated by the Brazilian test.  Mechanisms of macro-scale tensile failure in concrete are clarified as the cracking process at the meso-scale determined by the SiGMA analysis.  Evolution of the fracture process zone under the combination of tensile and compressive stresses is discussed.


acoustic emission; SiGMA analysis; concrete; tensile strength; Brazilian test

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