About the Site

TULPAR Academic Publishing is an international scholarly publishing group with a portfolio of both double-blind peer-reviewed and open access journals and books spanning a range of academic disciplines related to engineering science.

This publishing group was founded in 2014 for the purpose of challenging to the scholarly articles and books and is supported by the administration of Atatürk University. TULPAR Academic Publishing is named after a winged horse of Altai mythology.

In 2015, TULPAR Academic Publishing got started to publish the first English-language journal, Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics. Afterwards, Challenge Journal of Concrete Research Letters was included within the publishing group. In the first year, also a web-shop service was established for all journals.

The founders of all the journals within the TULPAR Academic Publishing Group are from the same field of research interest having Ph.D. degrees and working at universities. Journals under the TULPAR Academic Publishing title maintain the highest standards of double-blind peer-review, with internationally-recognized editors.

Journals within the TULPAR Academic Publishing Group definitely agree with the essential matters such as timeliness of publication, full text of English, ethical evaluation process, international diversity among the journal's contributing authors, editors, and editorial advisory board members.

About this Publishing System