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A numerical study on influence of strain gradients on lattice rotation in micro-machining of a single crystal

Murat Demiral, Anish Roy, Vadim V. Silberschmidt



In latest years small scale machining has been widely used in advanced engineering applications such as medical and optical devices, micro- and nano-electro-mechanical systems. In micromachining of metals, a depth of cut becomes usually smaller than an average crystal size of a polycrystalline structure; thus, the cutting process zone can be localized fully indoors of a single grain. Due to the crystallographic anisotropy, development of small scale machining models accounting for crystal plasticity are essential for a precise calculation of material removal under such circumstances. For this purpose, a 3D finite-element model of micro-cutting of a single grain was developed. A crystal-plasticity theory accounting for gradients of strain, implemented in ABAQUS/Explicit via a user-defined material subroutine VUMAT, was used in the computations. The deformation-induced lattice rotations in micro-cutting of a single crystal were analyzed extensively.


strain-gradient crystal plasticity; orthogonal micromachining; single crystal; lattice rotation; finite element analysis

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