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Vertical stiffeners and internal pressure - influencing factors on distribution of meridional stresses in steel silos on discrete supports

Lyubomir A. Zdravkov



Steel silos are interesting, complicated facilities. In order to ensure unloading of whole amount of stored product by gravity, they are often placed on supporting structure. Values of stresses in joints between thin sheets and supporting frame elements are very high, which could cause local loss of stability in thin shells. Many researchers have worked on values and distribution of the meridional stresses in that joints. Their traditional approach is to divide in their minds cylindrical shell on two parts - discretely supported ring beam and continuously supported shell above it. As a result of their efforts critical height of shell Hcr and ideal position of intermediate stiffening ring on shell are determined. The scientific results are based on semi-membrane theory of Vlasov, in which influence of vertical stiffeners and internal pressure is not accounted. On other hand all steel silos are loaded with an internal pressure and majority of them have vertical stiffeners above supports. Is it possible the obtained scientific results to be applied to these silos? In a present article the author will show that stiffeners and pressure should not be ignored in an analysis.


steel silo; meridional stresses; critical height; vertical stiffeners; internal pressure

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