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Minimum weight design of prestressed concrete beams by a modified grid search technique

İsmail Hakkı Çağatay



In this study, a computer program, which employs modified grid search optimization technique, has been developed for the minimum weight of prestressed concrete beams under flexure. Optimum values of prestressing force, eccentricity and cross-sectional dimensions are determined subject to constraints on the design variables and stresses. The developed computer program offers a rapid practical and interactive method for realizing optimum design of beams of general I-shaped cross-section with eight geometrical design variables. The computer program can assist a designer in producing efficient designs rapidly and easily. Two examples, one of which is available in the literature and the other is modified form of it, have been solved for minimum cross-sectional area designs and the results were found to be in good agreement.


optimum; prestressed concrete; flexure; minimum weight design; grid search

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