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A comprehensive retrospective analysis of interfascial plane blocks and peripheral nerve blocks at a tertiary research hospital: Single center experience

Yunus Emre Karapinar, Ela Nur Medetoglu Koksal, Veysel Koksal, Ahmet Murat Yayik, Erkan Cem Celik, Muhammed Enes Aydin, Elif Oral Ahiskalioglu, Ali Ahiskalioglu

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Aim: This study aimed to analyze regional anesthesia practices at a tertiary research hospital as a single center during a one-year period (January 2022 to January 2023).

Materials: Data on over 2,000 nerve blocks were retrospectively reviewed, including: type of nerve block performed (peripheral nerve vs. fascial plane, location of block (upper vs. lower extremity), purpose of block (anesthesia or analgesia) and outcomes.

Method: Data was analyzed to assess trends in block utilization, identify preferred block types and locations, and compare the use of peripheral nerve blocks versus fascial plane blocks for anesthesia and analgesia. Additionally, the potential opioid-sparing benefits of fascial plane blocks were evaluated.

Results: The analysis revealed a notable shift towards fascial plane blocks (61%) compared to peripheral nerve blocks (39%). Lower extremity blocks were more common (56%), with sciatic, saphenous, and femoral nerve blocks being the most frequently used. In the upper extremity (44%), infraclavicular and interscalene brachial plexus blocks dominated. Interestingly, fascial plane blocks were primarily employed for analgesia, while peripheral nerve blocks served both anesthetic and analgesic purposes. The study identified opioid-sparing advantages associated with fascial plane blocks, highlighting their potential role in multimodal pain management strategies.

Conclusions: Based on these findings, areas for improvement in regional anesthesia practices were identified. Educational programs will be adjusted accordingly. Future research will delve deeper into patient characteristics, block selection rationale, and incorporate patient-reported outcomes alongside opioid consumption and pain scores. This study serves as a foundation for future enhancements in regional anesthesia practices, aiming to optimize patient care and outcomes.


interfascial plane blocks; peripheral nerve blocks; analgesia; anesthesia

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