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Suprainguinal fascia iliaca plane block for surgical anesthesia of thigh: A case report for excision of a giant mass

Ela Nur Medetoglu Koksal, Yunus Emre Karapinar, Nagihan Simsek, Erkan Cem Celik

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Suprainguinal plane block was defined by Hebbard in 2009 for postoperative analgesia purposes. It is aimed to block the femoral nerve, lateral femoral cutanaeus nerve and obturator nerve. In this case, we presented the successful surgical management of suprainguinal block in excision of a mass in the thigh. During the surgery, which lasted 80 minutes, additional analgesic was needed only during the femur curettage. Postoperative pain scores were low and the patient was discharged the next day.


interfascial plane blocks; liposarcoma; suprainguinal fascia iliaca plane block; surgical anesthesia

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