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Anesthesia in patients with electrical burn: A retrospective study

Asuman Mehel, Sevda Akdeniz, Nevzat Gumus, Rumeysa Karacuha Surucu, Serife Secgin, Ozgur Komurcu, Mustafa Suren

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Aim: We aimed to share our anesthesia experiences with patients hospitalized for electrical burns and underwent surgical intervention under anesthesia in the burn clinic of our hospital.

Method: Data gained from our hospital's patient files and medical information system were retrospectively evaluated. The study included patients diagnosed with electrical burns hospitalized in our burn clinic in 2018-2022.

Results: The study involved files of a total of 694 patients. Fifty (7.2%) patients were treated for electrical burns. The required data from 3 of the patients could not be accessed, therefore the study was completed including 47 patients. We found that 22 patients did not need surgical treatment. Twenty-five were given anesthesia for different surgical procedures: 20 of those received general anesthesia, while five underwent neuraxiel anesthesia/regional anesthesia. There were no anesthesia-related complications in any patients in the perioperative period.

Conclusions: Anesthesia applications should be carefully planned against possible complications in patients with electrical burns.


electrical burns; anesthesia; complication; retrospective study


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