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The Stability of Fresh Zero-Slump Concrete

Christian Otto Sørensen


This report focuses upon the effects of cement-substitution in part by two potash feldspar powders, and by silica-fume, on the fresh concrete strength of newly compacted cylinder samples. The water/cement-ratio was kept constant at 0.31. An Intensive Compaction Tester (abbrev: IC-Tester) which exerts a slow kneading action under pressure on the sample in a cylindrical mold, was utilized. It was found that the fresh cylinder compressive strength increased with decreasing water-content and more than doubled with each of the 3 fillers replacing 30 % of the cement-volume. A tradeoff was a loss in 28-day compressive strength for both of the feldspars, while the 28-day strength of the silica-samples remained virtually unaffected.


zero-slump concrete; meniscus; fresh strength; fillers; cement-replacement

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