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Numerical investigation on damage performance of a reinforced concrete structure subjected to machine loads

Memduh Karalar, Murat Çavuşli



Investigation of carrying capacity performance of reinforced concrete (RC) structures is very important for structural engineering. In this study, it is aimed to examine the nonlinear carrying capacity performance of an RC laboratory structure by using three dimensional (3D) modelling approach. For this purpose, Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Laboratory Structure is selected and it is modeled as three dimensional by utilizing IDECAD static software. After modelling all beams, columns and floors according to 2018 Turkish earthquake code, concrete classes are determined for all bearing elements and specified concrete classes are defined for all elements of 3D model. Then, structure is analyzed for empty situation (Case 1) and structural performance of building is analyzed to this situation. In the past, a flat of this RC structure has been exposed to strong machine loads. For this reason, a machine which is fixed on the floor is placed in the 3D model and RC structure is analyzed considering nonstructural machine element loads (Case 2). According to analysis results, Case 1 is compared with Case 2 and it is clearly seen that nonstructural machine loads effect nonlinear carrying capacity performance of RC buildings.


carrying capacity; damage performance; three dimensional modelling; reinforced concrete building

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