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Moment-rotation behavior of semi-rigid web cleat connections

Merve Sağıroğlu, Mahyar Maali, Abdulkadir Cüneyt Aydın, Mahmut Kılıç



The behavior of beam-column semi-rigid connection plays an important role in the response of a steel moment resisting, stiffness and rotation capacity framed structure, especially under static loading conditions. In this study, the moment-rotation characteristics of semi-rigid bolted connections using web cleat connections with IPE standard profile is discussed, based on the experimental investigation. The study revealed that the moment resistance of beam-column semi-rigid connection is improved by increasing the height of the beam to the height of web cleat joint (H), and the increasing thickness of web and flange in web cleat joints. The aim was to provide necessary data to improve the Eurocode 3 and efficiently use residue IPE standard profiles, rather than send them back to the consumption cycle. While the resistance moment increased with an increase in H from Hmin to Hmax.


moment-rotation curve; semi-rigid connection; web cleat connection; joint; rotation capacity; Eurocode 3

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